Next in fashion design: Local culture vs. globalization

...It all started with the prehistoric pieces of fur and leather designed for protecting the human body against intemperies and cold weather.

Now we buy most of our clothing online, yet have a wide variety of concept/mass/outlet stores, designer boutiques and high street brand stores, not to mention the personal tailor and refined taste in fabric, colour and style selection. One can buy and/or create whatever design they want and thus make a point about themselves and their various inner characters. So what's the next challenge in fashion design?


Perhaps this would sound bizarre, but I really don't see the future in fashion design as a bunch of uniform, seamless, clean cut pieces of clothing which would have been digitally sketched only and than put into real thing by a 4D printer. Yes, it is true, covering your body with pieces of fabric was at first just a survival necessity, but as long as the life conditions were continously improving, humans begun to feel the urge for something more than just hunting, food and heat in their lives. They just wanted BEAUTY. This is how first forms of art appeared in this world. Human spirit began the adventure of a long era of cultural heritage creation and this is era is still in process. Investing imagination in beautiful, artistic pieces of clothing allowing every individual to express his/her personality express has become the next level in fashion design, as the practical needs were covered.

  In this line of philosophy, this is why I think that garments have taken the most awkward, impressive and elaborated shapes during the ages. Just think at the corset worn by ladies for hundreds of years until late beginning of the 20st century, not to mention the incredibly luxurious and unconfortable dresses of the 14th century. It is like a 'revenge' or a 'can do' attitude towards the totally limited aim of just covering and protecting the body against external factors.

The future in fashion design?

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” 
― Gabrielle 'Coco' Chanel

Mankind will always feel the need for beauty and embellishment.

Future does not belong to industrial and uniform designs, but to the more and more pronounced individuality of everyone of us. Actually the trend of specific individuality is already here and I will be more specific by giving the example of Romania's cultural heritage which has been noticed by designers like Dior and Tory Burch. But....

...even if information circulates for free and the products of an local culture can be now admired at large due to globalization and digitization...the future belongs to those who recognize their source of inspiration and go public about it. We might be all different as nations and human beings, but this is exactly the point: the beauty of the clothing resides in this very difference.

The fashion design of the future is just this: going ethic, going practical but aesthetical, going individual, but constantly keeping an open mind towards other culture's legacy. The future is in everyone's dressing and is a mix of simplicity and traditional going modern. After quite a long time of wearing mass produced items designed to copycat or flatter the outfits worn by public persons, people will want to have a deeper connection with what they put on. One will aim to keep the simplicity and cleanliness of the French chic or the Scandinavian minimalism for instance, whilst looking for ethically produced, classical and local culture reinterpreted garments.  


The future of fashion is CLEAN, BEAUTIFUL IN ITS SIMPLICITY and AIMS TO INDIVIDUALITY AND GLOBAL HERITAGE. Fashion isn't superficial anymore (just about beauty), instead it goes in pair with one's intellectual aims.

#My view of next level

#My view of next level

How do you see the future transposed to your wardrobe?

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