/// French vibes ///

Let's go English today, shall we, ladies? Last weekend I paid a visit to Bookster book fair which takes place here in Bucharest every year. It's been one of the year's events in my agenda since a while and I always go there prepared: a well put together wishlist, an open mind (for any other 'out of the box/wishlist' book), some fresh energy and of course, a pair of nice shoes (!!), a cool bag and basically a relaxed look. This time I chose to feature the most simple look ever by wearing my absolutely go for shoes you've previously seen here and this S/S's It bag, a.k.a. the French vibe basket (raffia) bag I got from Zara (see it here). P.S. It's cheap and it's handmade! 

A staple to your summer wardrobe, I honestly think that a stylish raffia bag is the right choice either when you go to the office or for some drinks or to the market, provided that you try to put yourself together even when going out for groceries, yes. Together with the two tones slingbacks, this will be for me the 2017 summer uniform standard. Scroll down below the page to see some other picks of raffia bags that I made for you. You can thank me later!